Emily Browning

Emily Browning Hollywood Actress

emily-browning-bio-thumbnaiEmily Browning Hollywood Actress With many American and British actresses dominating Hollywood, there are few other actresses who have been making it big from the other territories of the world. Emily Browning is one actress who received wide response for her performance and she hails from Australia. Emily Browning was born on December 7th 1988 who is an Australian actress and a singer. She was born in Melbourne, Victoria and she was the daughter of Shelley Browning and Andrew Browning. The actress has two younger brothers Nicholas and Matthew. She has been bonded well with her family and she has done some stupendous films in her career.

Emily Browning Hollywood Actress made her debut on television initially on Australian television show The Echo of Thunder. She played many interesting roles on television before she made her entry in films. She has done television shows like The Echo of Thunder, High Flyers, Thunderstone, Blonde, Blue Heelers, Something in the Air, Halifax f.p: Playing God, After the Deluge, Stranded and American Gods. She made her debut in movies with The Man Who Sued God in 2001 and she has done many interesting films in her career.

Her list of films include The Man Who Sued God, Ghost Ship, Ned Kelly, Darkness Falls, Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Uninvited, Talk.Distance.Listen, Sucker Punch, Sleeping Beauty, Mr. Beautiful, The Host, Summer in February, Magic Magic, Plush, God Help the Girl, Pompeii, Shangri La Suite and Legend. The actress has a rosy cheeks and a colourful skin which made her look stunning on screen. Emily Browning has done number of photo shoots for many leading magazines and she has made her presence on many magazines.

 Emily Browning started acting right from her childhood and she has been recognized from a play that she did during her schooling days. Emily Browning wanted to be a fashion designer during her initial days but she felt that she will fit in the shoes of an actress later on after she has been widely lauded for her performance in many famous plays. Emily Browning has a dog named Roxy and a cat named Jasper. After getting good recognition as an actress,  Emily Browning took three years break to complete her schooling and she has her nose, belly button pierced. The actress made her place in the list of 100 Sexiest Women across the world by FHM magazine.

Emily Browning is a pescetarian which means she is a vegetarian who eats fish. She turned the lead role in the movie Twilight in the year 2008 but the actress worked with the director and author later in her career. Emily Browning has been selected for all the eight auditions during her initial days and she reveals that she is quite lucky as an actress. She has a great bonding with her parents and she revealed several times that they supported her and they pushed her into this glamorous world which is quite competitive. Emily Browning has been one of the best actresses in the recent years and she is currently busy with many leading films.